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Explore audience interest keywords that can be targetted at a lower cost per click.

Reduce Ad Cost

Reduce ad cost by targetting to less crowded and high performing audience.

Increase Conversions

Reach to the people who are still not in the range of your competitors' target.

How to Explore High ROI Audience

Problem you face

Facebook ads manager shows the same limited suggestions to all advertisers

All advertisers are targeting to the same audience as in Facebook Ads Manager, it shows 25 suggestions only. Because of this, your cost increases, and your ad will reach fewer people.

Solution That Works

Get lots of hidden and less known accurate Facebook interests that converts

InterestInfo.com will give you access to hundreds of interests related to your keyword and locale, so you can target low-competition keywords and reduce the cost per conversion.

How you can achieve

With our Facebook interest exploring tool

Reduce Advertisement Cost in Facebook Ads Manager

Audience Only You Know

All hidden quality Facebook audiences away from your competitors can be targetted.

Low competitors

Our sorted and suggested audience keywords help in better targeting and broad reach.

High Conversion

Low competitors will result in a high conversion rate and higher profit at low research time.

How Facebook Interest Finder Works

Get complete details in juts 1 minute video.


Access to a tool that can be recovered in single day advertisement cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check below FAQs if we have already addressed your question.

InterestInfo helps you in exploring less targeted audience which are not visible in Facebook Ads Manager

On Facebook Ads Manager, it gives only 25 interest, but we are using official Facebook API to give you authentic hundreds of results for a related keyword.

Yes sure, we provide risk-free trial so you can try before you buy. Click on Signup to start your free trial.

We support 103+ locales, so your result will be more locale targeted. This tool helps you in getting into the audience list, which is too far from your competitors' target area and will result in reduced ad cost.

It is a cloud-based web application that can be accessed from any device like mobile, laptop, or tablet. No installation is required.

You can get a team license for multiple users at affordable rates, a separate account for each user. Check the pricing page for more details.

Yes, you can save all your project and selected projects for future reference.

Yes, you can export all audience in CSV format, there is no limit or restriction.

Yes, we have monthly as well as yearly plan available.

You can contact us at info@interestinfo.com or create a support ticket if you already have an account.

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